Zero-waste stores in Singapore you must check out

In recent years, many of us have turned to metal straws and reusable cutlery to try to do our part to save the environment. However, with we are still not doing enough.

In our day-to-day lives, we have to work to minimize the usage of plastic that contaminates our seas and lands and stays on our planet for eternity. One way that you could contribute to the effort to save the earth is to shop at zero-waste stores that sell sustainable products sourced locally or from overseas. Here are some zero-waste stores in Singapore that you have to check out.

Your Sustainable Store

The truth is in the name of this shop. Your Sustainable Store carries a wide range of environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices. Bamboo cutlery, bamboo fibre takeout cups, cotton net tote bags, and even stainless steel bento boxes are among the items available.

Other environmentally friendly products include cosmetics and skincare goods (such as lotion bars and honey glow scrubs) as well as bathroom accessories (e.g. organic cotton French terry facial pads and bamboo toothbrush).

The Source Bulk Foods

In Singapore, Australia’s largest zero-waste shop has two locations: Great World City and Cluny Court — with a third slated to open in Raffles Place.

Bring your own containers and join the green movement by purchasing unpackaged commodities such as wheat, cereals, detergent, and kombucha on tap. If you are feeling thirsty after all that shopping, bring your own bottle and get a free refill at the store’s water tap!

If you want to save time cooking and baking, The Source also stocks jars of pre-mixed ingredients for dishes like lentil soup, brownies and more. It’s as simple as mixing, adding water, and cooking.

Scoop Wholefoods

Scoop Wholefoods, based in Australia, launched its first international store in Singapore this year. It specializes in selling organic and natural items in bulk to clients, allowing them to buy exactly what they need and reducing food waste. Scoop has a section dedicated to fermentation, which includes kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, and beetroot kvass, as well as a variety of organic cold-pressed oils and vinegars, roasted almonds, and organic chocolates. Fresh organic kombucha from local business Fizzicle is also available on tap.

To encourage their customers to live a plastic-free lifestyle, the business sells stainless steel tiffin containers, reusable bags, and bamboo drinking straws in-store.

Doing your part to save the earth

We’ve only got one planet to live on. It’s time to show it more love. Shop at these zero-waste stores in Singapore and do your part today.

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