Your ultimate guide to beat procrastination

Let me guess. Are you here because you have been putting off doing a task for hours (or days) now? Well, you’re at the right place. We’ll share with you some of the top tips for you to beat that bout of procrastination that seems to hit you more and more frequently these days. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can have a pick-me-up whenever you need it!

Pick a focus

Focus is the key to overcoming procrastination. We frequently assign ourselves too many tasks to complete, causing us to get overwhelmed. Begin by picking just ONE thing you’ve been putting off and committing to finishing it within the next week.

Reward yourself

Sometimes, tasks are just plain boring. In order to motivate yourself to complete them, promise yourself a reward such as a slice of cake or a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop if you finish a challenging assignment on time. And don’t forget to appreciate how satisfying it is to complete tasks!

Kill the distractions

Sometimes, our bed, TV, phone, and other distractions can be the culprit of our procrastination. One way to beat this is to kill all distractions. Turn off your email and social media, and avoid sitting anywhere near a television while you work!

Have a pick-me-up song

Sometimes, when the day gets long, all you need is one powerful song to give you the energy to power through your tasks. Choose one song that energizes you and listen to it anytime you want to tackle something you’ve been putting off!

Use peer pressure

When you really need to get something done, it could help to employ the assistance of a friend to check up on you. Ask him or her to check up on you from time to time. Peer pressure works! This is the principle behind self-help groups. If you don’t have anyone to ask, an online tool such as Procraster can help you to self-monitor.

Don’t blame yourself

This final tip entails some self-love. Forgive yourself for previous procrastination. Self-forgiveness, according to studies, might help you feel better about yourself and lessen your chances of procrastinating in the future.

The bottom-line

Procrastination is normal. Don’t blame yourself for it. But at the same time, it can be avoided. Follow these top tips in the ultimate guide to beat procrastination. Start today!

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