Why is Self-imposed Home Quarantine Important at the Time of Novel Coronavirus Spread?

The novel coronavirus is at your threshold. Do you believe you’ll be ok? Do you believe this country or city lockdown is a big exaggeration? Then reconsider.

Hundreds of thousands of people are affected by the new coronavirus globally. There are many famous personalities who after attending public events got infected with COVID-19.

In the global fight against COVID-19, over billions are strictly told to stay at home.

This recent coronavirus is extremely contagious, which means it transmits easily from person to person. This disruption of COVID-19 has caused an extreme fright on our planet. So many individuals are becoming extremely sick with COVID-19, and it could lead to a deficiency of hospital beds, equipment or doctors.

Every individual can help slow down the spread of COVID-19. By doing your role, you can make a great difference to your health, your community and that of other individuals around you.

What is meant by self-imposed quarantine, and how it can help you, your family and your community?

In countries like Spain, Italy, etc. the police are making sure that people stay in their houses in order to control the virus spread.

In India to complete lockdown is imposed to control the community spread.

There are some countries which shut doors for outsiders, under self-imposed quarantine to stop the virus spread. They stopped all tourist visas in order to handle the deadly novel coronavirus. Initial lockdown is very important to fight out this dreaded coronavirus.

But there are some countries which have not implemented a hundred percent lockdown despite many casualties. Therefore in those countries, people should self impose quarantine and save the society.

Let’s understand it in detail as a stay at home is the urgent need of the time on our planet!

  • COVID-19 is fatal among the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. It’s extremely important for them to stay in their houses to save their life.
  • There is a fact that infected people without any symptoms or with mild ones are transferring the disease to many in the crowd. Therefore stay at home and save yourself.
  • Only step out of your house if it’s really necessary.
  • Basic social distancing tactics of staying at least a meter away from individuals if you go out to buy essential goods.
  • The strict self-Imposed quarantine can slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community and there will be no clusters.

You should follow social distancing during this coronavirus pandemic. By staying at home, you can save your life and the lives of thousands of people.

It’s the best act of bravery you can ever do!

You can break down the chain of infection by staying in your home premises.

Therefore enjoy the self-imposed isolation time at home with positivity and stay safe!

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