Why are Hand Sanitizers so Important at the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The quick spread of the coronavirus has skyrocketed the prices of hand sanitizers. In these times people are very much concerned about their health because of the risk of catching this virus.

In this panicky situation, a family medicine doctor in Kentucky has currently seen that the hand disinfectants kept on vanishing from the exam rooms which he used to see his patients.

Besides taking the flu vaccine, the next good care from catching the virus is regular and thorough hand sanitizing.

Here are some of the FAQs which come to our mind while buying and using Instant Hand Sanitizers these days:

Hand sanitizers are easy to use. We can carry small bottles of it anywhere with us. It becomes easy for us to clean our hands wherever we are with the help of hand sanitizers.

1. Are the sanitizers that don’t have the CDC’s suggested minimum of 60% alcohol effective?

The answer is they are not effective at all! But still, they are also getting purchased in numbers in this haywire situation by the consumer.

2. How much alcohol should be there in hand sanitizers to prevent Coronavirus Infection?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol should be used to get away from COVID-19 germs.

3. When to use Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are really effective when your hands are not visibly unclean. For instance, you may want to apply it when you sit down at some outlet, before you consume food or if you’re in some crowded area and you are shaking hands with many people.

4. How to use Hand Sanitizers?

The procedure for cleaning hands with a sanitizer is very much alike to soap and water. Put the amount of the sanitizer into the palm of your hand and massage your hands together. Then apply it on each and every part of your hand surfaces. Let the sanitizer dry entirely before you touch anything around.

Important Tips

It’s better to rub your hands at least for 20 seconds to help stop the spread of germs like COVID-19.

Don’t use hand sanitizer on greasy or dirty hands because at that time it is barely effective, according to the CDC.

Bottom line:

 Using hand sanitizers is one of the important steps everyone can take in stopping the spread of the virus. Inhibiting the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak requires a large global attempt. But Societies crumble when individuals are afraid of one another as distributors of the infectious virus. It is good to see people as friends in these peculiar times of doubt.

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