What you need to know about text therapy

These days, we do almost everything on our phones. From grocery shopping, ordering a cab, getting meals, dating, and even booking a health appointment. But what about getting access to a therapist?

Today, we explore everything you need to know about text therapy, a new form of therapy that has become increasingly popular as people are increasingly relying on their mobile to get assistance.

What is text therapy?

In text therapy, you will contact your psychiatrist at any time in a private chat window on your computer or phone. They can then answer once or twice a day in this new type of counseling. Certain sites even allow you to schedule a “live text” session with clinicians.

What is the process?

While different text therapy services work in different ways, there are certain processes that are similar across all services. Typically, they work in this way:

  • Usually, you’ll start by answering questions that will help the program pair you with a professional who will provide the help you need. Depending on the program you choose, you will be able to use your own psychiatrist.
  • If you’ve found a psychiatrist, you should begin sending notes outlining the issues you’d like to address. Most text therapy programs allow you to send and receive unrestricted text messages. Few companies also provide audio and video chat, but these facilities can be more expensive.
  • You’ll be able to text your therapist whenever you want. They might not respond right away, particularly if you text late at night or early in the morning, but you should get an answer within a day.

What are the benefits?

1. You feel less pressured

Many times, people feel more at ease when they are having a conversation online. As compared to face-to-face interactions, online therapy sessions are less daunting and intimidating!

2. Stay connected while social distancing

Text therapy is particularly popular in recent years due to the pandemic. Even in times of lockdown or if you want to stay safe at home, text therapy ensures that you are able to access help while staying put at where you are.

3. It is less expensive

Let’s face it, traditional therapy is expensive. With text therapy, platforms offer promotions or discounts when you sign up, making services even more affordable for those who are not able to afford in-person therapy.

Getting help

If you’re having trouble, the most important thing is to find help that works for you. Many people benefit from text therapy, and it might support you as well!

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