Warning signs that you are frustrated in your marriage

Did you know that an unhappy marriage can be a major contributor to declines in your mental health? That’s because the frequent fights, cold shoulders, and often toxic environment can take a toll on your mental health.

That said, however, it is important to acknowledge that the honeymoon phase of a marriage will eventually end. And that is not the same as an unhappy marriage. That’s because every marriage will go through a rough patch. But when you feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, this might be an indicator of something bigger.

How can you tell whether your marriage is causing you frustration? Keep an eye out for these warning signs.

You no longer confide in them

For any relationship to last, you have to be honest and transparent. That’s not to say that you have to share every single detail about your life with your partner and only him/her. But if you find that the first person you think of when you’re feeling sad isn’t your partner, you may have some issues to address.

You’re constantly annoyed at the littlest things

Does your partner’s constant chewing annoy you? Or is he or she taking too long to do a task? If the littlest things that never seemed to bother you start to make you feel irritated, it could be because the way you see your spouse is starting to shift. This could be part of a larger problem. Perhaps you are feeling neglected or upset over something that happened. Before this spirals out of control, it is best to talk it out with your partner or a couple’s therapist.

They don’t support you

A supportive spouse will accept you for who you are and will always push you to develop personally as well as professionally. In a healthy relationship, partners will give one other constructive criticism, and the input will help you both grow together.

If you are seeking constructive criticism but receive non-constructive criticism all of the time, this could be a sign of an unsupportive spouse. This judgemental tone and critical words only add to the frustrations to your marriage.

You feel controlled

If your spouse is controlling and won’t let you do things your way, it may lead to a lot of dissatisfaction in the marriage.

While either partner may have opposing points of view on the same subject, one individual taking command of the room is not a sign of a healthy partnership. It can seriously harm your self-esteem and cause you to doubt your own views. Shared power is healthy in every meaningful partnership.

The bottom-line

No marriage is easy. But keep in mind that you only bring half of a marriage to the table; the other half must come from your partner. To be healthy, any relationship must be one of equals.

Only then will you be able to grow into it and develop that connection. If you see these warning signs in your marriage, work with your spouse and, if required, seek expert assistance.

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