Top tips for your first virtual therapy session

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many of us turned to virtual therapy, or teletherapy like like TalkSpace, Wysa and others to work through their complex emotions, get through a depressive or anxious lull, or have a regular mental check-in to maintain every last bit of sanity. While the word teletherapy has been thrown around a lot lately, not many of us know what it entails. Today, we’ll dive deep into some tips that would better equip you for your first virtual therapy session.

1. A conducive environment is important

Even though most of us are stuck at home due to lockdown, it is critical that you select a location where you feel comfortable having an open and honest talk with your teletherapist. If hiding in the restroom or your car is the only option, go ahead and do it. Just make sure you’re comfortable and willing to speak freely in this conducive environment.

2. A stable internet connection is needed

Because virtual therapy takes place through the screen, you’ll want your internet connection to be stable. The last thing you’d want is to have to repeat everything you’ve said due to laggy or unstable connections! Since you’ll likely be using a phone or a laptop for your therapy session, make sure you have your charger with you so that you won’t have to deal with a powerless device midway through therapy.

3. It’s going to take some getting used to

If you are coming from in-person therapy, you’re going to have to take some time to adjust to virtual therapy and all that it brings. It may seem unusual to chat to a therapist through video, especially because you can see yourself through the screen as well. If you’re gazing at yourself while talking about possible uncomfortable feelings, you can feel self-conscious. So, what many people do is to stick a piece of sticky note over their own face on the screen. Try it out, it helps!

Virtual Therapy is here…to stay

Even after the pandemic ends, virtual therapy is here to stay. Patients enjoy the convenience that it accords. You can receive support from hyour therapist from the comfort of you own home. So, if you’d like to continue you virtual therapy sessions in time to come, be sure to take note of these top tips to make the most of your therapy sessions.

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