Tips to building a productive morning routine

Mornings may be difficult, especially when we’re dealing with a pandemic that has disrupted our routines and affected our motivation, attitude, and perspective. As the scenario changes on a regular basis, it’s easy to feel nervous, out of control, or dejected. We want to develop habits that will help us get through this challenging period successfully.

The truth is, morning is the ideal time to establish habits that harness your productivity and get you in a productive mood to set you up for the rest of the day.

Here are some tips to help you build a productive morning routine.

Make sure you wake up gently

Your morning alarm should not give you the impression that your home is on fire. According to a 2020 research from Australia’s RMIT University, the less jolting and shocking your alarm is, the less drowsy you’ll feel.

Tap the iPhone’s Bedtime feature in the Clock or Health app to uncover choices like birdsong for a more relaxing start so that you wake up gently!

Hydrate yourself

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning has been shown to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. When the brain is dehydrated, it runs on less fuel, leaving us feeling exhausted and uninspired. Hydrating first thing in the morning can boost your alertness and help you prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.


After you get up, take a few minutes in the morning to stretch. This can help you to release uncomfortable tension that will inevitably build up in your body overnight. Stretching can also help to improve circulation, increase flexibility in muscles and joints, and prevent stress in the body. This also allows you time to yourself to reflect on the coming day.

Listen to music

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and have a jam session to start your day. Music has been shown to impact our mood and give significant health advantages by strengthening the immune system, reducing cortisol levels, enhancing brain function, and increasing creativity, according to studies.

For example, a study found that people felt more powerful after listening to songs like Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” with heavy bass and motivating lyrics. After the music faded, they were more likely to take initiative and feel more empowered.

Start with the toughest task

Tackle your most difficult task at the start of the day when you’re most focused and effective. If your energy levels drop later, the same work will take longer. Moreover, once you’ve completed your most demanding tasks, you’ll be able to take full advantage of another everyday phenomenon: the afternoon creative surge!

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