Tips for an efficient medical teleconsultation with your child

Medical teleconsultations have been a rising trend lately and with the Covid-19 pandemic raging across the world, it’s not difficult to see why. Though unconventional, such teleconsultations are indeed useful, as more can be done than anticipated, all while patients stayed in their own safe spaces. As medical teleconsultations are only the beginning of medical care’s future, here are some tips to use them to the fullest, especially with children.

Having the right tech

Ensure that you have the right software for the teleconsultation and ask the doctors for assistance if required. Appliances with bigger screens such as laptops can make teleconsultations easier as there is less eye strain. It’s also best to log into the needed software earlier than the appointed time. Should there be any technical errors, your early log in will give you some time to fix it before your teleconsultation.

Providing a conducive environment

Make sure that there is stable connection to the internet and enough lighting at the area where the teleconsultation will take place so that you can be seen clearly. TheHealthSite also encourages teleconsultations to be done in quiet spaces so that words can be heard clearly to provide the right diagnosis. There should also be enough space for your child to move about should the need arise.

How to make the most of your child’s medical teleconsultations

Prepare yourself beforehand by knowing what information you wish to put across. Any medications that you wish to show should be placed within reach and other data points like height, weight and temperature should be taken prior to the teleconsultation. Prepare your child as well by letting them know when and how their appointment is going to happen. If your child is in their adolescence, ask if they wish to have privacy and see the doctor without you in the room. This is important as a child may decide against opening up during a teleconsultation if they are in the presence of a parent, subsequently preventing them from having a proper diagnosis. Do prepare yourself to help the doctor as much as they require. If there are any physical symptoms, take a picture and upload them into the software instead of showing it through the video as the image may end up blurry. Do understand as well should the doctor request for a physical check-up at the end of the teleconsultation, as certain procedures such as vaccinations can only be done at the doctor’s office.

At the end of the day, medical teleconsultations are just another way to ensure that your child’s needs are met for them to be in the pink of health. Don’t shy away, take advantage of them!

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