Tips and tricks to boost performance & speed on your Android phone

As people who are always on the move, smooth and snappy performance is something that we’d all expect from high-end smartphones. After all, they are supposed to be equipped with quick processors and cool features.

But like any other device and operating system, the speed and performance of your Android phone will begin to deteriorate after you’ve used it for some time. If you are sick of staring blankly at loading pages, read on for some tips and tricks to boost performance and speed on your Android phone.

1. Declutter your phone

Each app that you download will take some storage space and run background processes on your phone. As more storage space is taken up and more background processes run, your phone will slow down.

Just as you declutter your home a few times a year, you should get rid of unwanted apps on your phone—it is time for you to KonMari your phone.

To begin, open your Phone’s Settings and navigate to Apps & Notifications > See all Apps. Go through them and uninstall those that are no longer useful to you.

After you’ve painstakingly scrolled through all the apps on your phone, you’d likely think twice before clicking that “Install” button the next time you are tempted to download an app on the Google Play Store.

2. Make sure your phone is updated

Each new release of the Android OS brings about great improvements, bug fixes, and significant security and privacy enhancements. More importantly, apps on phones with a newer Android OS are able to use less memory, be more power-efficient, and load more quickly. Updating your phone is probably the simplest way for you to boost your phone’s performance and make it feel new again.

3. Clear app cache

After you’ve removed unwanted apps from your phone, you’d find that you still chose to keep the apps that help you to book hotels, flights, and rides. Although you don’t use these apps often, they are still useful and important enough to stay on your device.

But the truth is, they still take up storage space when they are not in use. To make sure that these apps do not slow down your phone, clear the apps’ cache data. This essentially removes old data which might make your device lag and freeze.

To do so, simply open your Phone’s Settings and navigate to Apps & Notifications > See all Apps. Choose a particular app, then click on Storage & Cache > Clear Cache.

4. Restart your phone

After a stressful and tiring day at work, a night of rest is something that you’d look forward to so that you can wake up recharged to start another day. The same logic applies to your Android device.

When you use an app like the camera, it’s common for it to stay active even after you’ve exited the app. As these apps accumulate, they are using both RAM and CPU resources. Rebooting your phone ensures that these background apps are completely closed.

Additionally, when your phone reboots, temporary files are deleted and your phone memory gets a quick clean up! Definitely a quick and convenient way to speed up your Android device.

Speed up your Android

The tips and tricks above can help you to boost the speed of your Android phone. A quicker phone can make a world of difference to your day-to-day life. If you have any tips or tricks that were not mentioned in this guide, let us know about them in the comments section below!

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