Stuff you didn’t know Google Assistant could do

We’re all aware that Google Assistant can assist you set your alarm clock and send a text message. But Google Assistant has a lot more to offer than just these fundamental functions. Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about Google Assistant.

It could help you to remember things

It might be difficult to keep track of everything at times. Allow Google Assistant to refresh your memory for you instead of needing to recall where you parked your car or where your next meeting is. Simply say, “OK Google, remember that I parked my car in Block B,” and Google Assistant will keep track of the information for you.

It could motivate you

Google Assistant can deliver you an inspiring quote if you need a motivational boost. By saying, “Ok Google, tell me a motivational quotation,” Google Assistant will offer you with a motivating phrase to help you get through the workday or get rid of the Monday blues.

It could keep you updated

If you don’t have time to read the news but yet want to be informed, Google Assistant can read it to you. Simply say, “OK Google, play me the news,” to listen to the newest news. Say, “Play me the news from [provider name],” if you want to listen to news from a certain source.

It could tell you what’s near you

If you’re feeling like having some Japanese food but don’t want to travel far, Google Assistant can tell you where the closest Japanese eateries are. Just type in “OK Google, what Japanese restaurants are nearby?” and see what comes up. You’d be given a list of options to choose from, along with ratings. You may do the same thing in other locations, such as gas stations, theatres, and so on.

It could do the math for you

In a heartbeat, Google Assistant can help you convert one unit to another. If you need help converting a recipe, simply ask Google: “How many ounces is 205 grams?” Users who buy on sites that provide international delivery may now use Google Assistant to convert currencies.

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