Staying fit while keeping socially distanced? Here’s how.

People who exercise outside experience less stress, despair, and weariness, according to experts, and are more inclined to exercise more regularly and for longer amounts of time. But COVID-19 is still spreading, so social distancing is still important. Fret not. If you’re looking to exercise in the outdoors but are worried about keeping your distance from strangers, this list of outdoor workouts can help you feel and look your best.

# 1: Running

Jogging is one of the most popular outdoor activities, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue running as usual. Just make sure to remain away from other people at all times. Some believe that heavy breathing necessitates a distance of up to 12 feet from other individuals, compared to 6 feet for those who aren’t exercising and don’t use masks.

# 2: Brisk walking

We’re not talking about a leisurely window-shopping stroll. Increase your pace and walk for at least 30 minutes daily. Furthermore, compared to running, walking is easier on the joints and less likely to cause injuries. You can also walk almost anywhere for free. Try your own neighborhood, a neighboring park, or another lap around a nearby school’s track.

# 3: Tennis/Badminton

Many parks have open (and often free) courts, so grab a racket and, for doubles matches, a partner — as long as the partner is from your own household or within your coronavirus “bubble.”

Tennis and badminton are low-risk activities because of the distance across the court, and it was one of the first sports to be reintroduced following coronavirus lockdowns. They also entail a total-body workout that burns a lot of calories since you use your leg, arm, and core muscles every time you hit the ball!

# 4: Cycling

Cycling is a great method to burn calories and train your lower body, and it’s far more fun than riding a stationary bike at the gym. It’s also a better way to maintain correct social distance. To get the most out of your rides, mix them up. To enhance calorie burn, look for uphill climbs and go quickly on straightaways, using the same masking considerations as runners.

# 5: Swimming

Swimming is one of the finest workouts you can do if you have access to a pool, lake, or ocean. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that trains every muscle in the body while keeping the heart rate up. It also aids in the relief of tension by stretching out tense muscles. Swimming is a safe method of exercise if you take the necessary measures.

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