Smartphone Consumer Tech Trends of 2021

The pandemic may have wreaked havoc on the world in many ways, but one industry emerged victorious: technology. It continued (and continues) to produce high-quality smartphones that excite users like us. Today, we’ll look at what we’re looking to see in the smartphone consumer tech industry and what we expect these the phones of the future to deliver.

Processing power

The consumers of today want everything to be quick and snappy. The phones that get us all excited should be able to run apps and programs seamlessly and quickly, without draining the phone’s battery.

Battery life

The smartphones of 2021 should be able to provide enough power for the average user to get through a full day on a single charge. You should be able to work on your mobile and play the games that you want. To meet these demands, we’re expecting all the new and flagship phones of 2021 to pack at least a 4,000 mAh battery.


Content creators are foregoing pricey (and often large) camera equipment in favor of smartphones with excellent camera technology for picture and videography. Many of us, too, use our phones to record movies and snap photographs of our daily lives. On Zoom calls that we have on our phones, we also want to appear our best. For the highly anticipated phones in 2021, a fantastic camera is just a must-have.

Screen tech

Many of us yearn for larger screens to fulfill our inner movie junkie. We’d love to Netflix and chill to a vibrant display on our phones. OLED displays have also increasingly replaced LED screens for their vibrant colors and fast refresh rates. This year, we’re expecting to see less and less LED screens in exchange for OLED displays.

Innovative design

While this may not be a top concern for some, we expect to see more intriguing designs this year, such as advancements to the foldable phone design that we’ve seen in recent years.

Handsets of 2021

With the iPhone 13 series, Samsung S21 series, Google Pixel 6, and a series of foldable phones, 2021 seems to be a promising year for the smartphone industry. Whatever phone you get, if they feature all of the above, you’re sure to get a great smartphone experience.

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