Simple and Fun Activities for Happy Families

For parents, childhood years are the most precious moments. With the current pandemic situation, opportunities for child-like joy are few and far between. Worse, there’s so much uncertainty about when life can return to normal.

But while much of life is out of our control now, we can still ensure that our children retain little pockets of happiness. It doesn’t always have to be grand gestures or wild ecstasy—children find joy in the smallest, most uncomplicated things.

Share in the simple, uncomplicated joy with your kids—here are some fun activities that parents and children alike can enjoy, even in the midst of a raging pandemic.

Board games

Monopoly, Connect 4, Snakes & Ladders—pick a board game and let loose with your kids. Change up the rules, or even make some new ones up if it helps to engage your children more.

Feeling creative? You can even work with your kids to come up with an all-new board game. Use cardboard, markers, bits and bobs lying around for game pieces—the sky’s the limit!


What could be better than spending an afternoon basking in the fragrance of freshly-baked cookies?

Roll up your sleeves, and start whisking. Don’t fret if you’re not the most adept in the kitchen—box mixes exist for a reason.

Stress-free baking, coming right up.


Let your child’s creativity run wild with a paintbrush in hand and watercolour paints in the other. Or arm your kids with crayons, and let them go to town on a large sheet of white paper.

Been cooped up for too long? Take the painting and drawing outdoors, to the nearby park. Fresh air does wonders after staying home for so long.


Constructing structures doesn’t have to be limited to Lego blocks. Your kid can use everyday objects like cardboard to create a whole “city” at home.

Want to have a “sleepover”? Let your child use pillows and construct a pillow fort instead. There’s something about snuggling up inside a pillow fort that’s cosy and fun.

Outdoor activities

Head out into a park for a walk. Nothing too strenuous; just a bit of activity to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing.

Or rent a bicycle (if your child can cycle) and head out for a day of family cycling!


Who says reading has to be for school? Read out loud to your children, to cultivate the love of reading in them.

Put on funny voices, or even act out the scenes in their favourite books. Get the older children to join in and read out loud together!

The bottom-line

The world isn’t getting better any time soon, but we can create our pockets of happy memories to tide us over.

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