Microsoft ‘Read-Aloud’ feature for People with Learning Complications

  • Microsoft‘s Office 365 insiders version has initiated ‘Read Aloud’ feature.
  • The ‘Read Aloud’ is user-friendly such as adjusting speech and voice, highlighted texts, reading aloud suggestions, and spaces between each syllable while editing text.
  • The feature help proofreading process and learning complications such as Dyslexia or visual impairment.
  • Further plans in making the feature avail to other operating systems later this year.

It is no news that operating systems in computers are constantly revised to improve users’ ease of accessibility.

One of the major software players Microsoft; has long been piloting aspects of reading aloud texts and has finalized the feature into their newest Office 365 package. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature is a refinement from the previous ‘Read Mode’ launched in December last year.

Some improvements included liberty in adjusting speed and voice to users’ liking while reading aloud text, with each individual word being highlighted upon. Additionally, each suggestion can be read aloud when right clicking on the misspelt word with red-squiggly-underscore.

Extra spaces are given to each syllable while ‘Read Aloud’ mode is on to provide focus.  It also allows two-way interaction while reading text aloud with all stated features.

Improved features such as these boost confidence in spotting and amending mistakes while proofreading.

‘Read Aloud’ feature can be receptive to people who underwent learning complications such as Dyslexia or visual impairment, as reading aloud texts and highlighting with spaces provide focus and eloquence in word perception.

‘Read Aloud’ can be found in recent Office 365 insiders’ version, with plans making this feature avail to other operating systems later this year.

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