Quickfire ways to lift your mood every day

Feeling more tired and overwhelmed than usual? Do you feel like life is taking control of you rather than the other way around? Then this article is for you! Every person deserves to feel replenished, energetic and passionate about whatever they are doing around the clock. Staying happy and productive is beneficial not only on an individual level, but also for your family, the economy and even global health (with the United Nations World Happiness Index showing Finland to be the happiest country in the world in 2019). So what are some ways we can elevate our mood and keep the most important people in the world (ourselves) happy?

Keep your friends and family close

This sounds like an obvious reminder, but it is incredible how the busy routines that are so ingrained into our lives can make us condone this. Whether your family is a thousand miles away or a block away, a quick phone call never goes unnoticed. If it means sending a lovely appreciation card on Father’s/Mother’s day or a handmade gift on a special day, little gestures go a long way.

Stick to the things you love doing

Everyone has a niche hobby that they love, but just can’t seem to make enough time for it. Whether it’s crocheting a sweater set or reading non-fiction books, doing things that you like is a great way to destress and even pick up a new skill along the way. 


Scientific studies show that to reap the health benefits from exercise, you need to invest a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. This amounts to only over 20 minutes per day, which will boost the levels of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins (our “happy” hormones) released in your system. 

Learn a new recipe

In terms of learning a new skill, there are few things as fulfilling as creating a meal from scratch with a few simple ingredients. Pick up a cookbook with recipes that seem easy to follow and try one out each day of the week! It takes a while to learn what tastes and flavours you naturally gravitate toward. Investing some time in cooking is not only a great way to take charge of your own health, but it also means that you can spread the love when your family and friends come over!

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Give your room/living space a makeover

It is easy to get absorbed into the monotony of daily life and ignore the profound effects our environment can have on us. It is important to make sure that the place you spend the majority of your time in is relaxing, clean and purposeful. There are quick ways to add a little brightness to your room or desk. This can include putting some fresh flowers in a vase, hanging up some watercolour paintings, or even rolling out some printed carpets for a more regal ambience. 

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Create your own night time routine

With most of our days revolving around interactions with other people and challenging workplace situations, it is even more important now to carve out some time for dedicated self-care. Spend an hour before bed doing something relaxing, such as reading a book, drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea or writing down your thoughts about the day. The more you practice this routine, the more it becomes ingrained into your lifestyle. 


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