OCBC Bank launches healthcare app for telehealth services

Recently OCBC Bank declared that it has established a partnership with seven medical groups Singapore Medical Group, StarMed Specialist Center, Thomson Medical, Faith Medical Group, OneCare Medical Group, Etern Medical, and True Medical in order to get going a new mobile application.

Individuals who are not associated with OCBC bank can also use the services.

It is named as HealthPass by OCBC. The application gives access to over 100 general practitioners (GPs) and healthcare providers to address the medical requirements of Singapore residents.

Video consultations with both GPs and specialist doctors can be arranged and monitored through the app, with the medicines delivered to the patient’s doorstep.

As per OCBC, the consultation fee is fixed at S$20 for each telehealth and an in-clinic visit to a GP during general working hours.

The patients pay a fixed rate of SGD 100 for the first telehealth or in-clinic consultation with any of the 63 specialists from 21 departments, including gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, dermatology, and oncology.

These fixed consultation charges mainly benefit individuals without existing private coverage for outpatient clinic visits, and individuals with long-term healthcare requirements.

The app makes it easy for the patients

HealthPass by OCBC collaboration with the healthcare partner’s clinic management systems and information is only used by patients and their doctors. Data privacy and security are strictly maintained.

Patients can also get online medical certificates, digital clinic invoices, and their laboratory results from the clinics through the application.

This makes it easy for patients, especially those with underway medical requirements, to effortlessly track their past records for doctor consultations without the problem of finding hard copies and keeping a physical document.

The wellness shop in the HealthPass app also gives customers ingress to more than 100 healthcare businesses that offer wellness products and services.

 “As the maxim goes, health is wealth.  To complement our wealth management solutions, we are bringing various partners together to provide our customers with a solution for managing their fundamental wealth—their health,” said Pranav Seth, OCBC Bank’s head of digital and innovation.

“HealthPass by OCBC is the result of bringing together key corporate customer relationships in the medical and healthcare space on one digital platform. COVID-19 will eventually pass, but its impact on the community will be long felt, and widespread access to telehealth will provide a big boost to help manage Singapore’s healthcare needs.”

Seth also said that in-clinic visits are still important for many medical conditions. Therefore, OCBC will work on getting more clinics and healthcare providers to join the app to make sure that there is at least one nearby clinic to every Singapore resident’s home and workplace.

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