What is minimalism and how it can change your life

Minimalism is the practice of having things and stuff in just-right amounts. Marketing has transformed modern society in such a way where excessive buying is encouraged. More means happiness, right? Unfortunately, that mind-set has made people hoarders and avid shoppers who buy unnecessary things. Slowly, some people realise that this mentality didn’t make them happy. In fact, it did the opposite: it made them unhappy and anxious. Here are the ways how minimalist can change your life:


  1. It brings a sense of peace

Having less stuff means more space in the house. This can create more open areas that can add more peace and calm to your life. In some cases, it can let in more natural light because there are fewer things blocking the windows. This makes your house feel warmer and your mind less cluttered. Furthermore, there is less things to worry about and fewer decisions to make. You don’t have to waste time deciding what to wear or what to use.

  1. It saves money

For some people, minimalism means having sufficient things to use, and so they don’t buy excessively. Little by little, there is a lot of money to be saved in this way. You can use your money for travelling or pay off any debt so that you have less to worry in life. However, if you do see something you really want or that you cannot live without, you should wait for 2-3 weeks to see whether you still remember it. If you still do, then buy it because it shows that you are careful and committed to the purchase.

  1. It makes your house neater

Having minimal things means that cleaning up is way easier. There is less things to dust and wipe, and surfaces are more exposed so that the cleaning process is easier. You won’t have to navigate around the various trinkets to clear the dust, or put away piles of things that were on the floor just for the purpose of sweeping and mopping. Your living quarters will look transformed and more welcoming than before. Most importantly, you save time on cleaning, time that can otherwise be better spent with your loved ones or on work and hobbies.


You can start adopting minimalism by decluttering your house, and you will see how much things you have and don’t need. Some people have a wardrobe with clothes filled to the brim. But ask yourself this, you only have one body, how much can you wear? Excessive stuff not only clutters our physical spaces, but it can also clutter the mind. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your life and know that stuff does not bring you happiness, and sometimes, less is indeed more.

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