Make Remote Working a Breeze during Covid-19

As Covid-19 spreads, remote working, be it from home or elsewhere is becoming the norm for workers today. With over 723,389 infected with the virus as of end March 2020, companies are doing their part and shutting their doors to reduce the spread of infections.

However, remote working might take some getting used to, especially if you are not familiar with it. Frequently cited challenges include workers struggling with loneliness, managing their time, and communication among staff members. In addition, working parents must juggle company and family priorities.

While this all can be tough, finding a strategy that works can help you make it through. Here are the best ways to stay productive while working from home, based on advice from CEOs, freelancers, and experts who’ve done it.

Set up a designated workstation

The daily routine of preparing for work and commuting to the office helps in getting you physically and mentally ready for the workday. You can still maintain this ‘begin the day right’ triggers to prep yourself for the workday such as exercising, reading the news, or making coffee. Establishing a proper workspace – be it another room, a desk with all your workplace essentials can allow you to work in a conducive environment.

Actively Avoid Distractions

Distractions are often said to be one of the most common challenges to working remotely. It could be routine household chores or simply calling a friend or heading out for a walk. To stay focused, make a conscious effort to avoid doing non-work tasks during your work time. For example, schedule a separate time to clean the house instead of tackling it while you’re finishing a work presentation.

Have a Fresh to-do list to keep your tasks in check

Having a simple to-do list can go a long way to ensuring you remain organized, motivated, and productive as you work from home. The list could comprise of big long-term goals and smaller goals that lead to that big goal. Crossing off those smaller goals gives you a sense of achievement and encourages you to work towards the larger goal in sight.

Make a schedule for everything

Keep yourself on track by scheduling non-work activities so that they do not cause unnecessary distraction. When creating your schedule, consider the other commitments you have and develop a routine that lets you take care of those as well. Don’t forget to have regular breaks to refresh yourself when you need it as well. You can also update your team by sharing the calendar so that they are aware of when you are available for meetings. You can also let your friends and family know about your schedule so they can look for you outside of those times.

Keep in touch with colleagues

Even though you are working remotely, ensure that you are in touch with the rest of the team with the aid of technology. This enables you to ask or resolve queries quickly or make decisions where needed. Even a once weekly team meeting online or over the phone goes a long way in boosting employee morale and spirits. Hence it is paramount to set up methods for collaboration for working remotely.

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