Is it safe to take a Road Journey during COVID-19 days?

As hot and summer days are coming and it always makes us want to go out on the road trip. But this year, leisure travel is not safe because of the novel coronavirus. It is better to avoid travel by planes or trains as you come in contact with many passengers. How about a conventional road trip? Is it okay to hop in the car and hit the road during COVID-19 days?

Are the Covid-19 regulations putting a halt on your intended driving vacation? Do not fret. You can still take off on a thrilling adventure in these tough times. No doubt, it will be a bit of contrasting road travel.

Enjoy the Corona-free road excursions with our tips:

1. Gather Sanitisation Necessities:

Purchase throwaway tissue boxes, sanitizers, and gloves for changing tires or other important tasks. A stock good amount of drinking water with you and in case you want to re-fill water stop your car at a clean place and don’t forget to wear gloves

Make it a habit to use alcohol-based sanitizers as regularly as possible. Better to use it every 20 minutes for good results.

2. Pack Intelligently for the Journey:

Dust and pollution are very normal when road tripping in some countries and nowadays there is an immense threat of the novel coronavirus. Make sure to carry along enough clothes and coverings.

Remember to carry handy detergent and bottles of disinfectants, since it is of utmost importance to stay clean and discourage the breeding of the virus. Keep spare shoes and slippers with you wherever you can, because novel coronavirus lives on surfaces and regular sanitization is the only solution.

3. Remember to carry the Masks:

Road trips may get you in contact with a number of travelers and locals, and therefore precautions are important. Keep a good stock of the masks because you never know when to fall short of them.

You should take information of the nearby healthcare providers, novel coronavirus testing centres and emergency numbers. Use COVID-19 contact tracing app to have the knowledge of any infected person near you.

4. Some of the important Travel techniques to outshine Novel Coronavirus:

  • Don’t touch your nose, eyes and mouth with hands.
  • Sneeze and cough into a tissue or the insides of your elbow. This is the best way to stop the spread of droplets.
  • Digital payments are the key to stop physical contact. Install some apps which will help you to make purchases on the way.
  • It is better to pack a good amount of food from home and avoid eating out.

We know these are tough times, especially for travel lovers. However, unitedly we can make sure the safety of travelers and help flatten the curve.

Best of Luck!

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