Impressive Medical Startups to Watch in 2021

For consumers, watching out for impressive medical device startups is great for keeping yourself up to date in terms of consumer technology. For businesses, keeping an eye on the industry’s newcomers and the pathways they’re following to success might help you position your own business for success. So, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, take a look at these 3 fast-growing medical device companies to keep yourself up to date.

Garwood Medical Devices

Garwood Medical is a cutting-edge medical technology company located in Buffalo, New York, with the purpose to improve infection and wound healing clinical results. The BioPraxTM, a minimally invasive device meant to prevent biofilm infections on prosthetic knee implants by utilizing electrodes to inhibit microbe development, is one of Garwood’s products. The FDA recently gave it the Breakthrough Device designation.

Providence Medical Technology

In cervical spine medicine, Providence Medical Technology develops innovative solutions. Through indirect decompression, stabilization, and fusion from the patient’s back, their DTRAX technique offers a less intrusive approach for treating cervical degenerative disc disease.

Using DTRAX products generally necessitates two tiny incisions at the base of the patient’s neck, as opposed to standard spinal surgery.

The DTRAX facet system is safe in the treatment of cervical radiculopathy and helpful in reducing neck and arm discomfort associated with the disease, according to a clinical trial published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine in January 2013.

Parasym Health

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Parasym is a medical device business that develops neurostimulation solutions to help people with inflammatory diseases and chronic pain enhance their quality of life. Their initial device employs an ear clip electrode to provide tiny bursts of electrical current to the vagus nerve.

The Parasym Device is now CE-marked, and the FDA has classified it as a non-significant risk (NSR). It has received an experimental device exemption (IDE) for numerous research purposes and might be accessible outside of research settings in the United States shortly.

Paving the way for the future

It only takes one game-changing MedTech startup to completely transform a product category. These three startups are definitely gamechangers paving the way for the future of healthcare and technology.

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