How to take care of your mental health at work

The way we think and feel, as well as our ability to cope with ups and downs, are all aspects of mental health.

Mental health is something that we all struggle with. We have a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to pursue the things we want to accomplish, and the capacity to deal with the problems that life throws at us when we have excellent mental health.

In a world where we spend the bulk of our time at work, our mental health has an influence on our professional performance, just as our profession has an influence on our mental health. So, today, let us look at the ways in which we can better care for our mental health at work.

1. Eat well

What we eat has an immediate and long-term impact on how we feel. A diet that is beneficial to your bodily well-being is equally beneficial to your mental well-being. It might be difficult to maintain a healthy eating routine at work. Many times, when we get too caught up with work, we’ll get takeout and sit at our desks to have our meal.

Instead of doing that, plan ahead of time for lunch at work by packing meals from home or selecting healthy alternatives while purchasing lunch. When you do eat, try to get away from your workstation. You could even start a lunch club at work, where you get together with coworkers to share meals and try new things!

2. Don’t be a yes man

In order not to feel burnt out, try not to be a yes man who overstretches himself. It’s crucial to know how much work you can do at any time so you don’t overwork yourself. This is especially crucial during a period of poor mental health. Of course, it’s natural to want to satisfy your boss and coworkers by taking on a lot of projects and responsibilities and doing a good job, but there are times when you can only be at your best if you don’t take on too much!

3. Learn to seek help

If everything seems to overwhelming, communicate to others that you need help. Your employer has a responsibility to care for you. Tell your boss how you’re feeling and if applicable, what your doctor has prescribed, and see if you can make changes to your working circumstances together to ensure you’re comfortable at work!

Working towards better mental health at work

Contrary to popular belief, work can have a positive impact on our health and general wellbeing. If you are dealing with mental health problems at work, try these tips to work towards better mental health at work!

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