How to stop losing muscle mass as you age?

After you have just moved to a new place or you have rearranged your room furniture, then your body aches, pains and starts getting worse than before. After that you think that something is wrong with my body’s strength. Then you realise and recollect about a research that says you can regain muscle mass and decelerate this part of the aging process. But how to do it?

The Logical Process of Losing Body’s Muscle Mass

 Losing muscle mass is an obvious fact of aging. If you are not able to regain muscle mass it makes simple activities– such as walking, climbing stairs, or getting out of a chair very strenuous. It also increases your chance of getting osteoporosis and falls can cause one of the most common injuries as the age goes up. Luckily, the loss of muscle mass can be rebuild.

The Accurate Exercise and Diet Builds Body’s Muscle Mass

Many experts have suggested as resistance and weight training are the best ways to get back muscles. Besides building muscle mass, this type of exercise improves bone mass, which is another way to become mobile and active as you age. It is advised to start with mild activity such as water aerobics, light dumbbells, or stretch band exercises, and then successively put on more weight and repetitions.

What you eat is also important in order to regain your muscle mass. The body requires protein to build new body muscles. Therefore consuming high-protein foods will build your strength. In fact, according to David Heber, director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition, says that if you don’t eat enough food, your muscles won’t get the nutrition. They need to get big and powerful after being pushed during a weight training session.

On the basis of Tufts University professor, an energetic 70-year-old can be “younger” from the muscle strength, body composition, balance, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels than a lazy 40-year-old. If you think that you should do something about regaining muscle mass, then talk to your physician or fitness expert. Talking to these fitness professionals will make sure that you’re being trained in a proper way in order to achieve your goals.

The scientific researches clearly shows that we will slowly lose muscle mass as we age. It’s important to combat this loss by committing a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining muscle mass is very important to retain healthy metabolic function as we grow old. It can also give strength and mobility required to be independent and free from chronic diseases with the passage of time. Your muscles are significant part of your life. Therefore take time out of your hectic schedule and start taking care of them!

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