How to Overcome Anxiety at the Time of Critical Moments?

Do you have anxiety in normal circumstances?

Basically every human can relate to anxiety.  

Have you tried everything to get rid of it, but it hits back?

If it hits back then you should gird up your loins and try your best possible ways to dissolve it. Remember anxiety is all in your state of mind and pattern of thinking.

These are the most uncertain of times. The anonymous is more likely to flare anxiety than the known.

We are very well cabled to tolerate uncertain circumstances if we have control over our minds.

We can apply some strategies to control the fear of uncertainty.

If our lives become restricted to a single set of thought of fear then it is crucial that we focus on the present activities that we really want to do. These tasks should be meaningful and build our mental and physical strength. Good relationships and a superb support system can lower your fears about uncertainties in life as well.

To reduce your level of anxiety, try to include these activities into your everyday routine:

  • Switch your focus. Rather than thinking about the situation that you cannot control, try to look at misfortune as chance for self-awareness. Open an inspirational book, watch a new movie, write, cook, listen to music or engage in any innovative activities.
  • Exercise boosts the serotonin level in your brain and can help support a healthy immune system. It releases happy hormones as well and lowers the level of anxiety.
  • Resonant breathing can help you calm your anxiety level and get you back in relaxed state of mind. In the morning and before sleeping try to do some deep breathing or meditation practices for15-20 minutes. Try to relax your mind and try to detach yourself from your thoughts.
  • Always eat healthy during stressful times to boost your immunity and reduce the level of anxiety. Research shows we tend to reach for junk foods, which can often make us feel mentally and physically not good. Instead, try including, fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  •  Getting a relaxed sleep can be a big struggle for people with anxiety. Avoid watching TV or cell phone an hour before your bedtime because they impair hormone which is really important for good night sleep. It is better to listen to soothing music, read a book or meditate.

Uncontrollable anxiety towards any situation will lower your immunity level.

 The hopeful and positive state of mind will boost your immune system. Rather than focusing on stressful things in critical situations, it’s better to utilize the time to meditate, or read something motivational, declutter your mind from negativity and reconnect with your inner self.

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