How to manage your anxiety: Post-Pandemic Return to ‘Normal’

One year ago today, there seemed to be no end in sight when all of us were troubled with the pandemic situation panning out right before our eyes. While we have not completely defeated COVID-19, countries all over the world have starting administering vaccinations to their citizens. The end of our fight against the virus is not here yet, but at least the end is in sight.

This may be a breath of fresh air for some, but for many, it is far from good news. Going back to a post-pandemic return to “normal” can be hugely stressful for some, and here’s how you can cope.

1. Start small

It might take time to acclimate to the concept of seeing people and going to public places again after transitioning to a new way of life. Take modest steps and don’t force yourself to accomplish things if you don’t feel ready.

If you know that in a month’s time you’ll begin socializing with larger groups of people, meet with one person now and slowly grow your circle so that you can get used to it by the time the time comes!

2. Build a routine

Because humans are creatures of habit, major changes can be difficult to accept. As a result, even when situations are unusual or unpredictable, it’s critical to strive to stay to a pattern. Even simple things like getting up at the same time every day and eating lunch at a specific time might help us feel more relaxed.

3. Learn about boundaries

Friends and family members may have different levels of comfort with certain activities than you do. It’s critical to understand and articulate your boundaries in these situations. These limits may alter based on the scenario and relationship, but you should be among people who understand and respect your boundaries.

4. Equip yourself with information

Many times, we feel anxious when we are uncertain about what the future might bring. Therefore, equipping yourself with information will make the process of returning to a post-pandemic world that much easier. For example, to alleviate the fear of returning to work, you can learn about the policies in place at your employer regarding return to work. This way, you know what to expect and nothing will surprise you or pull you off track.

Post-pandemic return to “normal”

A year ago, we were all struggling to adjust to working from home and staying at home during lockdown. Think back on the times we missed going out for a break or taking a walk in the park. Now that we are returning to “normal”, we’d be expected to make adjustments again. If we managed to do it then, we’d be able to do it now. Just take it slow and one step at a time!

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