How to get over Gymtimidation?

Are you afraid to go to the gym?  Do you want to get rid of the “I’m too fat to go to the gym” thing? Is workout anxiety a thing? Why am I highly strung to go to the fitness centre?

Gymtimidation, the fear of workout at the gym or in front of other individuals, is a common barricade that stops people from accomplishing their exercising goals.

Gym anxiety, is common and can take hold of anyone.  There are many reasons why people might have some panic of going to the gym – including 

  1. fear of being judged by other gym goers,
  2. believing they might not be able to do some workouts appropriately, and
  3.  being unconfident about how they compare to other gym-goers.

There are many ways you can work on gymtimidation. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before hitting the gym or any type of fitness centre:

  1. Keep your exercises simple to begin with and plan exercises that you can grasp quickly, feel confident and will enjoy.
  2. Have a look at the fitness centre and in order to get acquainted with the layout and the kind of equipments you might encounter. Looking at some videos online that displays how the equipment works may also help to reduce any anxiety you might have and will prepare you for what you might face before your first workout.
  3. Booking a one-to-one session with an instructor may also help.
  4. It is better to attend a beginner’s group exercise sessions. Being surrounded by other individuals who are in a same place to you may help you to feel more confident and less anxious.
  5. Better go in an off-peak timings at first. This may help you to boost your confidence and understand the gym.
  6. Expect and accept anxiety and some nerves. It’s a perfectly fine and is part of the process of trying something new. This is something which anyone can and even people who have been going to the fitness centre for a long time.

Point to be noted – It is better to prepare before heading to the gym or any fitness centre. This may help you leave with a sense of achievement and success. In the end, this feeling will help you to remain positive rather than negative. This will help you to more likely to stick with your commitment of going for your workouts and remain fit.

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