How parents can take care of their children’s health during the lockdown in Asia?

Life has altered beyond the understanding of children.

As the novel coronavirus proliferate, lockdown is one of the important ways to control the rate of infection spread. Lockdown period has made families in Asia to stay within their homes and they have no physical contact with the world outside their houses except for essential goods. The schools, day-cares, and workplaces are shut and families are having longer days at their house premises.

The personality of parents and kids also play a vital role in the psychological and physical wellbeing of kids during the lockdown.

Here are some points on how parents can support their children to get through these tough days and maintain their overall health:

  • Boost Parent-Child Relationship during Lockdown: Make your child understand that this phase is for a time being. It is the best time to bond with their family members, who are otherwise occupied with work. Parents should have open and nonjudgmental communication with their kids. Parents should give their kids the focus that they need because their feelings of security and safety come from their relationship with parents. It will boost their psychological health.
  • Reduce on Screen Time of Children during Lockdown: Kids are devoting a lot of time in front of screens nowadays. School rooms have been substituted by online home learning. Time in the play parks is now used to play video games or watching videos. So much reliability on the digital medium is not good for children’s eyes.

Limit their on-screen time by making them busy with some art and craft activities or indoor traditional games etc.

  • Pump Kids Happy Hormones: Physical distancing from friends can lead to stress and increase their level of anxiety. Help them to be connected to their friends or loved ones through phone or video calls. It will boost their happy hormones. But remember to limit the time.
  • Keep Child Physically Active during Lockdown:

Make physical activity part of their robust routine and schedule. Involve them in stretching exercises, yoga, dancing, etc.

Ask them to help you with simple fun household activities.

In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for children and adolescents every day.

  • Give Boost to your Child’s Immunity: Make sure your kids get an annual flu shot if they are below the age of six. It can save your child from influenza during these COVID-19 days.
  • Immunity-Boosting Food for Kids: You can cook vitamin C rich favorite dishes for your kids, for example, putting tomatoes and spinach in omelets.

Give your child healthy and vitamin C rich food for example lemons, oranges, grapes, etc.

Make sure that your child gets good sleep.

Try to be as true as you can about the lockdown and the novel coronavirus situation with your kids as children flourish on honesty.

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