How Health Tech use AI and Cloud Technology to fight COVID-19?

The great challenges given by the COVID-19 are piling delight in cloud technology and AI among vaccine analysts, clinicians, healthcare companies, and patients all over the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put great stress on the healthcare sector worldwide. With no treatment at the moment, a great rise in cases, limited medical staff the healthcare sector has found itself struggling to deal with the pandemic.

In these circumstances, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a benefit to healthcare technology that can help in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently. The use of Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is not a new technology and has been around for long. The current trend also shows the ability of the sector to quickly adopt this brilliant technology to boost operations.

Some countries have been giving cloud computing services free to analysts and clinicians and investing in enhanced technologies, since the start of COVID-19. The technology has pumped the extensibility and accessibility of remote work solutions and data processing, storage, and sharing proficiency to new heights at the moment. Cloud technologies let healthcare providers be smarter and techie to collect, share, store, and analyze patient data on a wider scale. They have made possible a world of web-based applications, virtual desktops, endpoint encryption, and conferencing software, and are efficiently and quickly doing remote analysis of real-time patient data. apply an artificial intelligence-powered solution to track 24 varied abnormalities in a chest X-ray, involving a novel coronavirus infection. “When we are testing large numbers of patients, qXR can help in triaging asymptomatic patients who need immediate intervention.. so we can help identify cases before it’s too late,” said Rohit Ghosh, founding member, “AWS provides the scalability and support needed in deploying the solutions quickly and robustly across parts of world.”

Trufactor, a subsidiary of InMobi Group, uses geo-mobility intelligence to control the outbreak of COVID-19. It gives companies access to consumer data and intelligence that helps them know how social behavior is changing due to the ongoing pandemic.

 “We chose AWS server-less computing technology to scale up rapidly in response to events, and automatically manage the computing resources required. This allows us to focus on the user experience minimising our time and costs significantly, and ensures data security and privacy,” says Kanav Hasija, co-founder, start-up Innovaccer.

In HIMSS20 Digital leaders from Google Cloud, Nuance and the Health Data Analytics Institute present their outlook on how AI-powered insights and automation are helping healthcare systems.

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