How do I find the Best Doctor Online?

“Best doctors near me” or “best doctors” plus the name of the city you are living in looks apparently a simple online query, but patients are faced with so much data on the Internet that it makes them haywire.

If you are searching for an outstanding medical specialist online then you have to do a little bit of research. Here are certain steps you need to follow in the process of finding a doctor online:

Step 1: Search for a Doctor with an appropriate Keyword in the Search Engine Search Result Pages:  

Use the Right Keywords for Your Online Search:

Use keywords like your city or state with “doctor,” “primary care,” “physician,” “cardiologist,” and the like.

For instance, if you are a new patient who is searching for a primary care doctor in New York then you should type something like “best primary care doctor, NYC, primary care doctor upper east side, best primary care physician nyc or the best cardiologist in NYC.” Such types of keywords will get the best leads of the doctors in your local hospitals or medical clinics.

Step 2: Do the Online Research of your Doctor in the Search Engine:

After you find the name of the suitable doctor do some basic online research about him. There are certain websites that use patient reviews to rank doctors. This means the ratings are based more on the patient’s opinion about the doctor.

A. Local Hospital’s Website:  

Your local hospital’s website generally has a “find a doctor” search box on the homepage. There you can search for physician’s detail with their contact information.

B. Online physician directories:  

There are some famous websites like WebMD, which have a research forum with a doctor’s directory. Here are some of the popular searches related to online physician directory:

  • Doctor finder website
  • Doctor search by name
  • Find a doctor by specialty
  • Doctors near me

Step 3: Research your doctor on the internet:

After searching for the name of the doctor and some basic details, now you should find out if your specialist is right for you? 

A. Find out if you’re Doctor is qualified:

It is very important that your doctor should be qualified through many licensing board websites. 

B. Find out if any disciplinary action is taken against the doctor:

You’d want to enquire whether your new doctor has been disciplined by a medical board, or indulged in any misconduct. There are websites like where you can do the background check of the doctors.

C. Check Physicians rating on the websites:

Here are some of the famous doctor’s review websites for the patients understanding:

Once you have researched your doctor online, use those facts and compare the data.

Finally, with all this information available on the internet, you will be confident enough to fix the appointment with your new doctor.

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