How Digital Wellness Startups are Surging in 2020?

Digital health investors talk about the opportunity and accountability of investing in digital wellness during market inconsistency and a conceivable downturn.

Healthtech startups are taking opportunity by working on various digital techniques for patients for example virtual OPDs using teleconsultation modules.

In recent times digital health has come into prominence. Telemedicine and chatbots are acting as a replacement for in-person visits.

Here are some of the startups which are coming up with digital health technologies:

  • Smart fintech startups perceive favorable circumstances and are getting brilliant business ideas. Instamojo top-rated payment gateways in India have come up with an initiative for essential business startups and companies, such as pharmacies, which will allow them to go online with their products in five minutes.
  • To provide online insurance is one of the big opportunities for fintech start-ups these days. Many start-ups have also commenced digital health insurance coverage against Coronavirus.

Digital payments and digital financial services platform Paytm came out with a Covid-19 simple health insurance policy. “The digital policy can be purchased at the Paytm app and is generated online within a few minutes from the safe confines of one’s home,” said Paytm President Amit Nayyar.

  • Telehealth startup Doctor Anywhere in Singapore declared that it will start the novel coronavirus Medical Advisory Clinic. Insurers, like Cigna Singapore and AIG, are collaborating with Doctor Anywhere to give the novel coronavirus Medical Advisory Clinic as a free service to their clients.

For example at the time of video consultation, the doctor will request for travel history, chest infection, or if there is any contact with infected individuals, as well as other queries to track infection.

  • Singapore Startup has developed the world’s first Internet of Things (IOT) enabled Tele-Ventilator
  • Analysts from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have designed a semi-independent robot that can sanitize large surfaces promptly
  • The Shenzhen-based start-up is considering selling more than 200 anti-epidemic robots in the first half of the year 2020.
  • A Chinese startup, MegaHealth Information Technology Co, saw a tremendous rise in its sales in the past two months because of its medical ring that can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
  • Recently in India duo of computer-programmed machines developed by startup Asimov Robotics is incubated at Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). One machine gives masks, sanitizers and napkins and the other elaborate about the World Health Organisation campaign.
  • The fast-paced startups are developing digital mental health solutions for people in isolation. Recently a startup InnerHour app which is a digital psychological health platform based in India mentions a 60 percent rise in their consultation session bookings after the lockdown.
  • Another startup Bione in India has discovered breakthrough product-specific gene variants that are accountable for person sensitivity to Coronavirus. 

Whether Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, India, Singapore, or Tokyo fitness tracking gadgets are selling out like hotcakes. Online exercise classes have never been more popular than in the year 2020.

Recently there has been skyrocketing innovation and development in digital wellness than ever before.

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