How AI can improve cyber security in 5 Ways

It is evident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be a big part of the future. One technology related area it can make a significant difference in would be cybersecurity.

Machine learning in cyber threat detection

To identify and prepare for a cyberattack, organizations must be aware of it. Machine learning would enable computers to employ and adjust algorithms based on obtained data, study it, and understand the necessary changed. From a cybersecurity perspective, machine learning would help computers detect threats and pinpoint any unusual activity even more accurately than any human would.

With its capabilities, AI is able to quickly pivot and adjust its actions based on the hackers’ latest techniques and. In addition, it is able to sift through immense amounts of data much better than its human counterparts.

AI-powered password protection and authentication

Given the fact that passwords could easily be the weakest link in our online security, there have been efforts made in providing alternatives through say biometric authentication. However, these are not very convenient, and attackers can also easily bypass these controls. Developers are now tapping on AI to boost current biometric authentication and fine tune it to make it a robust application.

An example is Apple’s Face ID used in their smartphones, which detects the user’s facial features using built-in infrared sensors and neural engines. AI software produces a sophisticated face model by recognizing key similarities and patterns. This AI feature can also work under various lighting conditions, compensating for changes such as having a new hairstyle, facial hair, wearing a hat etc.

AI and ML in phishing detection and prevention control

Phishing is one of the most common cyberattack methods today. Phishing emails occur very frequently and once opened, the email will have a link luring the victim to install malware or ransomware, onto their device. However, AI and ML can identify and track over 10,000 active phishing sources and quickly and actively mitigate them, quickly identifying fake and a valid websites.

Network security and AI

AI can be used to simplify or work on tasks which take up a lot of time, in this case would be security policy development and the network topography of an organization which are fundamental to proper network security. AI can be activated to study and refine network traffic dynamics and suggesting policies and procedures which in turn saves time, energy and money for the end user.

Behavioural analytics with AI

ML algorithms have the ability to understand and determine behavior based on your habits such as your usual login times to your texting and browsing patterns. If it detects any abnormal behavior, it can take action such as flagging it or blocking the user. Possible behaviors that could trigger the AI algorithms include, a sudden increase in uploads, downloads or the shifting of documents from your archived files, or a sudden shift in your typing speed. This behavioral analytics ability for AI will boost security improvements.

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