Fretting over quarantine weight gain? Here’s what you should know

Quarantine weight gain; How does it happen? Many different factors of our life may lead to weight gain, and now that with quarantine being another major factor leaving us at our homes, what’s more that weight gain isn’t easier than ever? It is already frustrating enough to worry about work, and with quarantine weight gain? That alone has already made one feel anxious about it. Don’t fret, as you are not the only one frustrated about this. Here’s what we are about to cover about quarantine weight gain. 

Factors causing weight gain

Some of the main factors that cause the gaining of weight include stress, deteriorating mental health and a sedentary lifestyle. Everyone experiences stress, where even out of everyday life we experience stress too. In quarantine, there is no doubt that stress will arise even more. As a result, stress turns into weight gain.

Next, quarantine leaves you with no other physical social interaction with your friends or relatives, which in turn makes you feel lonely, making it another cause for weight gain. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle in quarantine is definitely more common than it seems. Being stuck at home increases boredom, leading to eating out of boringness and in turn gaining extra weight. With comfort items like your bed and bolster at home, it makes it even harder to execute a workout routine that one would even follow.

What do I do with all the weight I have gained in Quarantine?

With a healthy lifestyle, all you have to do is hydrate yourself with water, work out regularly, have a daily routine and consume a healthy diet. They are the four basics that benefit you with weight loss. By hydrating yourself with water, you replace sweet drinks that contain lots of sugar which may cause you to gain weight too. With water, it is also the healthiest option to drink as it benefits in many ways.

Don’t be finding excuses that you are unable to exercise at home because there is no gym equipment! You can always do exercises like the all-time-favourite Chloe Ting workout, which everyone agrees is the quarantine work out exercise. Exercising also helps with weight loss, as it burns off all the excess calories and even helps with stress (Another factor of weight gain too!)

Next, planning and sticking to a daily routine can help you create a new you. With a daily routine consisting of regular healthy eating habits and exercise, they can definitely bring you to have a healthier mindset and exercise even more and consume healthier food. By consuming a healthy diet, nutritious food can help with weight loss since unhealthy food like chips, chocolates, candies, are finger foods that you can easily overeat and gain more weight. Remember: you can always enjoy finger food if you consume them in moderate amounts!

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