Domestic Violence and Mental Health Issues Rises amid Lockdowns in Asia

As more countries are undergoing lockdown to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus, the risk of mental health issues and domestic violence has become a major dilemma.

This pandemic is assessing relationships in various communities in Asia.

In many Asian countries, the wrongdoers are using the virus as a reason for rising physical ill-treatment, emotional torment, and immense controlling behavior, which results in mental harassment, loneliness, and stress for their companions.

The present pandemic shows financial, mental and physical health unpredictability that could lead to a rise in domestic violence. 

One of the problems that some of the women are facing in many countries in Asia during the lockdown is the disparate distribution of domestic work.

Here are some of the countries which are looking into measures to help the critical situation of domestic violence in their countries amid lockdown:

Presently The National Commission for Women (NCW) started a WhatsApp number to report cases of domestic abuse.

In some countries, women’s rights, NGOs are finding it tough to help during the lockdown. They are not able to go beyond telephonic or web counseling. Still, the organisations are trying their best to help victims of violence.

In many countries, specialized support systems against domestic violence don’t exist. There the main healthcare workers are trying their best to contact women experiencing domestic violence amid covid-19 Outbreak. Civil society all over Asia is already hurrying to help women in situations of violence.

The United Nations chief António Guterres has requested for “peace at home” as he said a “horrifying global surge in domestic violence” against women, during the coronavirus pandemic.

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