Deep tech healthcare startups that are changing the world

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, autonomous cars, robots, big data, virtual reality, and other technologies are all part of deep tech. These technologies are used by startups in a variety of industries, including finance, hardware, e-commerce, medtech, life sciences, and others. When it comes to healthcare and medtech, technology is utilized to make treating illnesses more convenient and to make various breakthroughs in the area.

In a way, machine learning and healthcare are well matched for each other in many ways. Much of healthcare is based on pattern recognition. The human body and its many subsystems work in predictable and quantifiable ways in a healthy state. When a human body is afflicted, it deviates from homeostasis in predictable ways across time and populations.

Today, we’ll look at three deep tech healthcare startups that are changing the world we live in.

1. BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI is a UK company that aims to dig deep into data to find insights and solutions and apply them to transform the way medicines are discovered, developed, tested, and marketed. The company recently partnered up with AstraZeneca, a US-based global pharmaceutical company which will use BenevolentAI’s target identification platform and biomedical knowledge graph along with its genomics and clinical data.

Closer to home, in response to the global health crisis, BenevolentAI turned their AI platform toward identifying existing drugs that could be used to treat the novel coronavirus.

2. CMR Surgical 

CMR Surgical aspires to make minimally invasive surgery accessible to everybody. It isn’t simply another medical equipment business; it aspires to revolutionize the area of robotic-assisted surgery. Versius from CMR Surigcal is a next-generation tool that is meant to integrate effortlessly into operating rooms and work in tandem with surgeons to enhance outcomes and increase healthcare providers’ value.

3. Median Technologies

Median Technologies develops cutting-edge imaging systems and services to ensure that everyone has access to modern healthcare. It gives insights into innovative treatments and treatment techniques as an imaging phenomics firm. Median Technologies’ one-of-a-kind technologies are utilized to analyze and manage cancer clinical trials. It has collaborated with a team of specialists from across the world to build an exploratory imaging phenotyping platform called iBiopsy in order to discover novel medicines and diagnostic tools to assess response and track illness progression.

Digging deep with Deep tech

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to rewrite the rules of the game more than any other force on the planet. When used wisely, AI has the potential to upend long-held beliefs and restrictions about how the healthcare system operates. It has the potential to reshape the current relationship between cost, accessibility, and quality in healthcare, and these impressive deep tech startups are doing just that.

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