Decluttering and organising the desk for more joy

For some people, much of their time is spent at their desks, whether it is at work or in school. So naturally, it is no wonder that the desk can be one of the more unorganised areas that get cluttered easily after a short time. This can make working or any leisure activity at the desk less of an enjoyable time. To help you out with decluttering and organising your desk, here are some tips you can follow:


  1. Stop buying

For all anyone can guess, an unorganised desk is due to excessive notebooks, files, stationeries and Post-its. To start the process of organising and decluttering, stop buying anything else and finish using what you have. You don’t have to buy things you don’t need, and you would be able to save more money.


  1. Put your stationery in one place

Instead of having your stationery strewn all over, put them in a single place, such as in a pencil case or a stationery holder. If you really have too much stationery, place each type into individual holders so that you can pick what you need easily. Again, don’t buy anymore. Finish what you have and you can reduce the number of holders.


  1. Store your notebooks

Many notebooks look pretty, smart and sophisticated, so it is no matter some people buy and hoard notebooks. However, when your desk is full of them, you really need to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Having too many notebooks can take up tons of space. Put them elsewhere or stack them nicely. Finish using one notebook before starting on another. This would allow you to go through them quickly without throwing them away and wasting money.


  1. Clip up rough paper

Rough papers are great for writing down stuff just for the moment. But having too many can make your space visibly messy. Use a clip to organise your rough papers. Also, dispose or recycle the paper once you have finished using it so it doesn’t clutter your desk.


  1. Recycle old files

If you have accumulated many files over the years, whether by choice or not, it is time to let them go. Instead of throwing them away, throw them as recycle waste so that they are returned to the environment. You may feel it is a pity to waste the money used for the files, but to develop a peace of mind, some sacrifice is needed. This would also serve as a lesson to buy things prudently in future.


Organising and having a neat area can be extremely cathartic. With less stuff and having a more systematic space, you can carry out daily activities with more peace. Furthermore, you save the money and the environment too. So let your desk be part of your organising and decluttering journey.

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