Dating apps get a boost from Artificial Intelligence

Finding love online is increasingly becoming more and more common, boosted by the multitude of dating apps out there. These apps have allowed singles to meet other singles in a virtual environment at the touch of a button or in this case, swipe. Like the other industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also changed the dating process. One online statistic shows that 70% of the couples will meet online in 2040. There is no doubt that AI technology is playing a major role in the matchmaking process.

While it is a closely guarded secret what algorithms dating apps use to find a match for potential users, it is safe to say that AI technology and Big Data are involved.  Taking note of the user’s preferences, AI helps to sift through thousands of online profiles and sets up matches between potential dates, saving a lot of time. AI-enabled dating apps are helping thousands of people all around the world find their perfect partner. How does this work?

Data-Driven matchmaking

Combined with machine learning, AI is used to create an online dating app that identifies past behaviour and past preferences. AI will be able to sift through the data provided by users to the app and shows the most relevant matches.

Fake profile detection

Given the amount of data it is presented with, AI-driven dating apps will be able to detect fraud or fake profiles. By determining if there are repeated profiles or gaps in the information submitted and/ or comparing them against the information in the current database, AI can determine if there are inaccuracies and flag it to the app’s owner. The system will prevent fake profiles from being created.

Smart match

Matchmaking apps can be considered smart because it is almost intuitive. It goes through the information provided in the user profile, including preferences and sifts through the database to suggest the best match. The user will be able to update their profile or preference anytime as well and AI can quickly revise their suggestions based on the new information to offer new matches for the user. Some apps also improve the user experience with value-added personalized services such as facial recognition technique for the purposes of account verification.

Filtering matches easily

Implementing AI helps the user to find the perfect match easily. The online dating App can easily filter perfect matches based on their hobbies, interests, passions, personalities, etc. This can save the user much time as they will not need to spend time messaging each profile individually. These selected and suggested matches can enable users to decide which match best fits their preferences.

Facilitate offline meeting

An AI-enabled dating app takes the awkwardness out of date planning and it can help users by recommending the best first date activity based on their interests and personalities. With that, a user can easily check on the availability and interest of his / her date and taking some of the guesswork out of online dating, increasing the possibility of positive outcomes.

Example of a AI dating app


Badoo is a dating app and social discovery app all in one. You can access it from iOS devices, Android devices, and desktop browsers. It has over 345 million people worldwide.

Badoo uses smart match capabilities, which understands the user profile and provides the best match quickly and efficiently. Smart services allow the user to experience all the best aspects of AI services.

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