Are countries losing trust for the world health organization?

The WHO was originated at the time of optimistic internationalism that accompanied the mess of the Second World War.  It has globally managed many worldwide health calamities, for example, Ebola the outburst in west Africa in 2014, the Zika breakout in 2016, and these days novel coronavirus. One of the WHO’s main victorious role is…

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Make Remote Working a Breeze during Covid-19

As Covid-19 spreads, remote working, be it from home or elsewhere is becoming the norm for workers today. With over 723,389 infected with the virus as of end March 2020, companies are doing their part and shutting their doors to reduce the spread of infections. However, remote working might take some getting used to, especially…

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9 Digital Health Responses For Global COVID-19 Response

According to the last global tally of coronavirus infections around March 13, 2020, global coronavirus infections exceed 120,000 confirmed cases in 119 countries, with over 4.300 deaths from COVID-19. There are also more than 66,500 people who have fully recovered from this disease. There is a list of digital health solutions that could be used…

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