Best channels for COVID-19 updates in Singapore

We all know that the effects and impacts of “fake news” are very real. Oftentimes, we have relatives and loved ones who send us long messages on breaking news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the time, this news are spam that are filled with fear-mongering messages.

You might then be wondering: Where can I get official messages and information about COVID-19 in Singapore? We’re here to help. Send this article to all your relatives and family members to stop the spread of fake news now! social media 

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) uses social media and online channels to push important COVID-19 messages in a timely manner to the public. These include updates on cases, clarifications on misinformation as well as advisories on good hygiene practices and social responsibility. 

Find the links to the official social media here:




Tik Tok (Yes, they are on Tik Tok too)

WhatsApp Channel has a WhatsApp channel that sneds out daily updates on the situation in the four official languages. In just a matter of 10 weeks, the subscribership has grown from 7000 to 900,000 subscribers. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, this information is particularly useful and timely for citizens to be in the know.


Similar to that on the WhatsApp channel, has a Telegram channel, to reach out to those who have abandoned WhatsApp over the recent privacy hoo-hah. The channel will disseminate the same COVID-19 messages carried on the WhatsApp channel.

Join the Telegram channel here!

Official COVID-19 Website

In addition to the above, the public may also find information, videos, and tools on how to protect themselves from the virus on the COVID-19 website ( The website also provides daily updates on the most recent instances as well as explanations of misconceptions.

Staying safe

Remember, if you receive messages with fake news or any other unsubstantiated information over WhatsApp or other online platforms, do not circulate them. Instead, send over a link to this article to keep others in the know.

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