Benefits of foam rolling

Self-myofascial therapies have become popularised by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to promote sport recovery and mobility. Many forms of myofascial therapies like massage balls, foam roller, yoga blocks have all been used to unwind the body from gruelling training sessions.

However, myofascial therapies are also becoming extremely common with the mainstream population as a form of physical therapy to alleviate body discomforts from sitting or standing too long at work to as a form of recovery tool after physically arduous activities. One of the most prominent forms of myofascial therapy is the foam roller. Foam rolling although relatively new is very beneficial in mitigating tension and improving the mobility of joints.

Foam rolling can be used to alleviate muscle tension

This is especially useful for individuals who work 9-5 jobs spending a large portion of time idle in their seats, this can cause a lot of discomfort to the neck and back and even result in poor posture. Hence foam rolling can be used a medium to reduce tenderness in tightened muscle points, the gentle tugging of the foam roller against the affected joints can help to straighten out the muscle and minimise stiffness.

Foam rolling can be used to improve flexibility

Flexibility can be enhanced through foam rolling as it targets underused or inactive parts of the joints. By enhancing flexibility using a foam roller, your joints would be able to take on a wider capacity of motion resulting in less risk of injury when handling more challenging exercises or physical ventures.

Foam rolling can be used to manage side effects of Fibromyalgia and Gout

Fibromyalgia and arthritis in general can cause severe rigidness in joints and may become worse with immobility, however it is very difficult for individuals with Fibromyalgia to get around, since foam rolling can be modified accordingly even in sedentary lying down position it can help sufferers of arthritis enhance joint function and rectify joint pain without strenuous physical activity

Foam rolling can also be used to foster calmness and composure

Foam rolling can be very therapeutic to relieve stress as it almost akin to receiving a massage curated to tight/stressed joints and muscles. Using a foam roller activates the parasympathetic response which regulates the body’s relaxation and even improve oxytocin and raise endorphin levels that has a efficacious result in reducing stress and overcoming anxiety or depression.

Foam rolling can manage cellulite and promote a toned exterior

Consistent foam rolling can help to ease fascia , this is because the rigorous movement of foam rollers brushing against the skin can help to boost blood circulation. Foam rolling can aid lymphatic drainage and reduce the possibility of fluid retention in cellulite prone areas. However while foam rolling can loosen cellulite sedimentation, it should also be coupled with a form of strength building exercise to gain maximum effect.

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