Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water

Do you shower with cold water? If you’ve crinkled your nose in disgust – hear me out. Bathing with cold water actually confers a whole range of benefits. While bathing with cold water can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re a first-timer, here’s why a cold shower is still worth the initial discomfort.

1. Bathing with cold water is great for people with eczema

If you suffer from eczema, the skin condition that leaves your skin inflamed and itchy, cold showers are a god-sent, and frankly, a must. Many eczema sufferers have observed that hot showers can cause their eczema to flare up. In contrast, cold showers (or at least lukewarm showers), are kinder to your skin. Some anecdotes include decreased inflammation, soothed itch and better hydration.

2. Bathing with cold water can be a great perk-me-up

Ever had mornings where you wake up feeling super sluggish? Your eyes are open but you feel like your brain is still deep in slumber. Put away that cup of coffee, for maybe all you need is a refreshing jet of cold water to hit you in the shower.

When you shower with cold water, the coolness of the water is somewhat of a shock to your body. In turn, this shock increases your heart rate and alertness. The result is, of course, you emerging from the shower more alert and awake.

3. Bathing with cold water reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

Ever had sore muscles after an intense workout? It’s a real pain in the neck, isn’t it? (Pun intended) Well, a cold shower might help relieve some of that ache. Studies have found that people who bathe in cold water feel less fatigued and less sore.

4. Bathing with cold water may reduce stress

Some studies have found that bathing with cold water leads to decreased levels of cortisol. Cortisol is well-known as the “stress hormone” that is often released when the fight or flight system in the body is activated. Thus, it is possible that bathing with cold water is associated with lowered stress.

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