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Google launches a tool to check whether you’re clinically depressed

google depression tool

Tech giant Google is launching a tool to check whether you’re suffering from clinical depression. The tool will give users who search for the term “clinical depression” or other related terms an option to fill a questionnaire. The test will then assess whether the user is suffering from depression. The tool is currently being rolled…

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Your Digital Self Will Now Live On Even After You Die


Technology is about to shake up the funerals and death industry, according to a large number of startups. Soon, people will be digitally coming back to life (digital self) in the form of an avatar after they die. A startup called Eternime is working to create your online footprint, comprising of everything you’ve ever published…

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Romelu Lukaku avoids injury scare, scan shows no fracture


Manchester United avoid injury scare as their star striker Romelu Lukaku’s medical scan revealed there was no ligament damage or fracture to his ankle. Before United’s game with Crystal Palace on Saturday, the striker was having problems with his ankle during a training session and was given painkiller injections by the medical staff before the…

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