Artificial Intelligence in day to day life

It is easy to believe that artificial intelligence is mainly of interest to the major tech companies, and that AI has little bearing on your daily life. In actuality, most individuals are exposed to artificial intelligence from daylight to night.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are employed in so many wonderful ways behind the scenes to alter our daily lives.
Whether we’re attempting to read our emails, obtain driving directions, or find music or movie suggestions, AI can help us in every aspect of our life. Read on to find out more about some of the most compelling instances of how AI is already being used in our daily lives.

1. Smart Replies in Gmail

Gmail | Gmail Logo | Bhupinder Nayyar | Flickr

Have you ever noticed that your Gmail notifications come with automatci replies that you an access with the touch of a button? Users may react to emails with simple statements such as “Yes, I’m working on it.” or “No, I have not.” Smart responses are customized to each email’s content. Users can select between entering a manual response or using a one-click smart reply. These smart reply options are all thanks to the work of AI!

2. Product Recommendations

Shopping Online - Free photo on Pixabay

When you are shopping online, you’d appreciate it if the store recommends you products that they think you’d enjoy, wouldn’t you? Well, Amazon and other online businesses utilize artificial intelligence to gather data on your interests and purchasing habits. They customize your browsing experience by recommending new goods based on your preferences!

3. Building a “smart” home

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Our homes are getting increasingly “smart.” Many of us now have “smart” lights that turn on and off with a simple comman on Google Nest. Google Nest also can learn about our heating/cooling preferences and daily patterns and change the temperature to our preferences when we come home. In addition, there are smart refrigerators that produce shopping lists for you based on what’s no longer in your fridge.

Your “smart” home is enabled through the use of AI. Connected sensors, lights, and meters collect and analyze data. This data is then used in making the effective use of home infrastructure, utilities and more to ease up the everyday life effectively and efficiently!

AI in daily life

Every day, artificial intelligence makes our lives easier. Many applications and services that assist us with daily tasks, such as interacting with friends, utilizing an email program, or utilizing a ride-share service, are powered by AI. So, if you’re worried about artificial intelligence, it might help to realize that most of us have been utilizing it on a daily basis for a long time coming!

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