A salute to nurses in fighting the battle against COVID-19

As “International Nurses Day” just passed by, we should salute nurses across the world for their fight against COVID-19!

We should convey lots of blessings with acknowledgment to our present-day Florence Nightingales across the world and let’s also give a salute to their great role in fighting this pandemic.

 The novel coronavirus pandemic has made the role of health workers, especially nurses in our society more important. WHO has connected with many partners all over the world to appreciate the role of nurses and to thank them for their duties towards people who need more care.

On May 12 on “International Nurses Day” India’s Prime Minister Narender Modi tweeted, “International Day of the Nurse is a special day to express gratitude to the phenomenal nurses working round the clock to keep our planet healthy. Presently, they are doing great work towards defeating COVID-19. We are extremely grateful to the nurses and their families.”

Praises for nurses are coming in from all over the world on many social media platforms as people are thanking nurses for their self-sacrificing job at all times and most importantly, during the COVID-19 outbreak. Nurses are endangering their lives, and they are away from their families to do their jobs.

Queen Elizabeth and many senior members of Britain’s royal family thanked nurses around the world for their efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic on “International Nurses Day.”

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has got people’s attention as he thanked the doctors, nurses, and the health care workers on February 14th for their determined efforts during coronavirus outbreak.

Nurses everywhere in the world have been effortlessly involved in taking care of COVID-19 patients across all the units of the hospitals.

The fear of contracting COVID-19 illness is very high for them. While taking care of the novel coronavirus patients, many nurses get exposed and need to quarantine, which is an additional mental and physical pressure on them. 

All the nurses are provided with the best knowledge and training to manage themselves in these critical times and some of the healthcare institutions provided them with the option to get help on mental health problems from experts if they need it.

Nurses have been the superstars for this COVID-19 situation all over the world for their courage, devotion, and determination. By praising, congratulating and listening to their fears and anxieties will help them to go through this critical situation. 

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