8 medical and healthcare startups you should watch out for in Singapore

Singapore is well-known for its world-class healthcare, and it is consistently ranked as one of the top countries for healthcare innovation and outcomes. Healthcare in the country has become an aspirational objective for other countries to aim towards. Despite winning the race in innovative health technology, Singapore is not slowing down; the number of HealthTech firms in Singapore is growing at an exponential rate, with new products being developed to make healthcare more accessible to the general population. Here is a list of 8 Singaporean HealthTech startups you should keep an eye on.

# 1: ASLAN Pharmaceuticals

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage oncology-focused biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics for global markets. We target diseases that are both highly prevalent in Asia and orphan indications in the United States and Europe.

# 2: Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere is a Singapore-based telehealth company that provides on demand healthcare solutions to help you lead happier, healthier lives. Their digital platform gives you quick access to health and wellness solutions, wherever you are. Their platform makes healthcare simple, seamless and convenient, and is optimised to help you manage your health in a way that best suits your lifestyle needs.

# 3: Holmusk

Holmusk is a data science and health technology company that aims to reverse chronic disease and behavioral health issues. The company develops innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital disease management programs to help patients improve their health.

# 4: Lucence

Lucence is a genomic medicine company guiding cancer care across diverse patient journeys with world-leading profiling technology. We invent a full spectrum of cancer diagnostics covering early-stage screening to late-stage treatment selection with a special focus on common cancers.

# 5: EndoMaster

EndoMaster has developed a novel robotic-assisted surgical system for endoscopy that will significantly advance current endoscopic surgeries and enable surgeons to perform incision-less surgeries that could only be performed by open and laparoscopic surgery before. EndoMaster’s robotic system will enable minimally invasive surgery in the body with increased precision and intuitiveness and reduced surgery time.

# 6: GERO

Gero is a data-driven longevity company that employs physics to reverse engineer biology. Our goal is to extend healthy lifespan and delay the onset of chronic age-related diseases. We are here to solve aging.

# 7: Cornea Biosciences

Cornea Biosciences was founded in 2011 with the express objective of furthering development of the bioengineered cornea, and providing this cornea to the millions of people unilaterally or bilaterally blind from corneal disease or injury and unable to obtain a corneal transplant due to a severe shortage of human donor corneas. The company’s cornea is the result of ten years of research and development conducted at the University of Ottawa in Canada and Linkoping University in Sweden.

# 8: Mobio Interactive

Mobio Interactive builds software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness. MI’s first digital therapeutic, Am Mindfulness (Am) is a clinically validated, self-assessing and self-learning healthtech stack with which patients securely and privately interact through their mobile devices from anywhere in the world, and independently of a wearable.

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