6 Tips to Keep your Smartphone Secure

Phones have become an essential item that we hold on to dearly – sometimes more so than our wallets. However, in this digitalised world, many of us still fall into the trap of becoming victims of hackers. Some of us might already know how to secure our phones safely. We should never be too complacent, though. We must always keep ourselves updated on the latest ransomware and spyware programs. Remember, anyone can be the owner of your phone if you do not take care of it. Be vigilant and follow these six tips.

Tip 1: Password-Protect Your Phone with Face-ID, Thumbprint, Pin, Password or Pattern

First and foremost, it is essential to set a password to your lock screen. Given the variations of functions, you are now spoilt with a variety of options to protect your phone. There is no excuse not to do it. Try it now if you have not already done so. IOS users click on Settings > Touch ID & Passcode to set your lock screen passcode. On the other hand, Android users can click on Settings > Lock screen and security to password-protect your lock screen. Choose one option to secure your phone as well as your mind. It’s better to be secured than sorry.

Tip 2: Ignore Any Suspicious Text Messages or Calls

Even your closest family member or friend can be a victim to the hackers. When you receive a text from your friend urgently asking you for the One-Time Passcode, do ring up your friend to clarify. You should always call to check first before you proceed to do anything. Beware of any suspicious links that prompt you to verify your email or phone number. Do not pick up suspicious calls or reveal any personal details to a stranger.

Tip 3: Two is Better than One (Double or Trouble)

If there is an option to double secure your apps, why not? Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) verification is an added protection to your password. Hackers may have their key to the first gate but less likely to have for the second. Set your 2FA now! A pop-up message will appear and require you to key in the six-digit code whenever you go into your apps.

Tip 4: Update Apps or OS Diligently

Reminders to update your apps or operating system (OS) are there for a purpose: to prevent out of date system, bugs and slow app performance. Be diligent and update as and when your phone prompted with software or apps updates.

Tip 5: Always Back up your Data

This tip can help to save your tears if you happen to lose your data. The pain of losing your data can only be felt when you lose it. Thus, do not wait for it to happen, act on it now. IOS users can back up data on iCloud whereas for Android users, do enable “Back up my Data” in the phone settings and sync your data with Google.

Tip 6: Beware of using Free Public WiFi   

Have you been trying not to exceed your monthly data usage by connecting to free WiFi? Do note about the cons of doing so. You are allowing hackers to easily enter and install malware on your device. To protect your device, try not to use public WiFi as tempting as they may seem. Instead, use your own data or a trusted network connection.

Protect your loved ones (Phones included)

Taking care of the health of your phone is the same as taking good care of your physical health. Be consistent and not complacent. You will never know when you will be the next victim, but you can control how not to be a victim by following these 6 basic tips for a start.

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