5 Best Fitness Apps and Tech of 2021

Modern applications and technologies meant to improve your health and wellness can help you make the most of your current fitness routines. You may utilize wearable fitness gadgets, in addition to tailored workout programs at home, to precisely monitor your walking/running pace, heart rate, and other parameters, aiding you in exercising consistently and developing a balanced food and sleep routine.

Get in shape and remain healthy with the following smartphone apps that are compatible with your Android and iOS devices. 

1. Google Fit

Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system,. On the Google Fit app, you can earn move minutes and heart points if you use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk small distances instead of hiring a cab, or walk while chatting on the phone.

You may also use your smartphone app or smartwatch to track brisk walking, running, cycling, and other activities, as well as calories burnt.

2. Aaptiv workout app

Aaptiv offers sessions ranging from 7 minutes to an hour or more, with curated audio tracks and exercise routines ranging from cycling, yoga, stretching, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). You may use audio prompts from personal trainers or instructors to establish your objectives and build up your workout plan after taking a fitness quiz.

3. LoseIt

LoseIt enables meal recording with their SnapIt function, in addition to being able to manually track food consumption using the app and get inspiration from the linked community (simply take a picture of what you are eating). They also offer a new Challenges feature where you can compete with your friends from all around the globe to shut your Apple Watch Activity rings. The main app is free, while the yearly premium features are $59.99.

4. Freeletics

On Freeletics, you can browse 10 to 30-minute routines depending on your body weight and exercises that can be performed in places as tiny as a 22 yard with approximately a thousand workout variants and 150+ exercises. The app features a fitness and workout coach with a personal trainer that records and tailors workout sessions or helps you discover a training location in your neighborhood.

5. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club delivers 15-45 minute exercies including workout, yoga, strength and endurance training, personalized workout plan, fitness expert guidance, and top ‘picks for you’.

The training club provides beginning, intermediate, and advanced boxing, yoga, endurance, and mobility routines based on your strength and capacity to work out intensely.

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