4 Must-Try Dishes For Your First Time In Singapore

Hong Kong has its dim sum, Korea has its kimchi, and Japan has its sushi. But for Singapore, it is difficult to place a finger on a single characteristic food. This is because Singapore is so diverse that there is a rich selection of food from different cultures. But if you are here in Singapore for just a bit, here are 4 must-try dishes that you simply can’t miss:

1. Chicken rice

Although the ingredients are relatively few and the presentation fairly simple, there are skills required to create this homey dish. It can be commonly found in food courts and hawker centres, where food is mostly affordable and you can choose from a wide variety of add-ons. The steam chicken is arguably the classic, but there is also roasted chicken if you prefer that. Better yet, you can simply buy a dish with various cuts.

2. Roti prata

Who doesn’t like delicious thin flat bread drenched in flavourful curry? Answer: no one. The dish can be found in many Indian restaurants, as well as stalls in the food courts and hawker centres. There are many types of curry and prata for your choosing. For example, there are egg pratas and cheese pratas, as well as red curry, green curry and vegetarian curry. You can always find something you like in every selection of pratas and curries.

3. Nasi lemak

Even if you are in a rush to go somewhere, you shouldn’t miss out this dish. It consists of rice that has a slight fragrant coconut aroma, and it complements the fish, cucumbers and peanuts that often accompany it. Of course, there are many places which make their own rendition of Nasi lemak, but that only diversifies the already delicious dish. It can be found in food courts and hawker centres as well, but at this point, you should already realise that, because these places have so many stalls, you will practically be spoiled for choices.

4. Chilli crab

One of Singapore’s signature dishes, the chilli crab is a must-try when you are here in Singapore. With flavourful and spicy chilli gravy, it is sure to make your senses and taste buds tingle. And who doesn’t like a good crab? However, it is not a dish for everyone as there have been times where some people don’t deem it noteworthy enough. That being said, take what you hear with a pinch of salt and try it for yourself. You may really come to like it!

Singapore is a diverse place; racially, religiously and culturally. With that, food is diverse too, and that makes it a blessing for both the locals and the tourists. While it may be exciting to be in a place where you won’t get bored of the food scene, it can be a bit of a head scratcher for when making food choices. But then again, that may be a pretty darn good problem to have.

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