4 Bubble Tea Shops In Taichung, Taiwan That Are Worth The Time

Bubble tea, or boba tea, has become immensely popular with people from both the east and west. The famed beverage which originates from Taiwan has been a hit upon the first sip, and the craze doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. But if you want to experience the best of the best, you should go to the place where it all began: Taiwan. But Taiwan is a huge place, so where do you start? Taichung may be your answer. Here are 5 bubble tea shops that you should try if you stop by Taichung for a visit:

1. 50 Lan

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50 Lan is the Taiwanese counterpart of the KOI brand which is popular here in Singapore. With a variety of ingredients, you can mix and match to create your own unique drink. There are more than a 100 permutations that can be formed, so you will surely find something that your tastebuds will enjoy.

2. Oregin

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With a large and distinct selection of milk teas, you can pick a drink that is to your fancy. Their beverages are categorised as “Rich Milk Tea” and “Skinny Milk Tea”, giving customers a choice of either a heavy or light taste. One of the must-try is the Japanese Matcha Milk Tea. Unlike many bubble tea shops, Oregin uses reusable bottles instead of plastic cups. If you purchase your next bubble tea using the bottle, you get a couple of NTD off.


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Amalgamating latte and milk tea, and you have Lattea. The place boasts of their popular beverage of milk-lid milk tea, where the drink is topped with frothy foam that is both sweet and salty, which actually tastes really good. It is a must-try.

4. Tea Patea

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Tea Patea is founded by an apprentice of Chun Shui Tang, a famous bubble tea parlour. Thus, it is no wonder that their bubble teas are A-mazing. Using quality ingredients, you can definitely taste a difference in the freshness and smoothness of the beverage. For the greatly affordable price, Tea Patea is definitely a place that is worth your time. Their signature tea is the Tieguanyin, so anything that comes with Tieguanyin won’t disappoint you.

To some people, bubble tea may be overrated. But for many, it is their culture and way of life in regards to the food scene. There are so many bubble tea shops in Taichung (and even more in the whole of Taiwan) that it can get a little overwhelming wondering what to try. These bubble tea shops may be a little underrated, but they are hidden gems which promise great flavour and quality of the beverages.

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