2022: Healthy food trends to look out for this year

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, many eateries were closed as part of efforts to contain the virus. As a result, there was an increase in the number of people who chose to prepare their own meals as opposed to ordering take out.

But with 2022 finally here, we are finally seeing more eateries opening back up as restrictions begin lax. Here are some of the healthy food trends in 2022 to look out for.

Alcohol free cocktails

They’re a terrific alternative for individuals searching for something more than fruit juice, with a nuanced taste and some that taste like classic alcohol-based cocktails. With so many individuals reducing or eliminating their alcohol consumption, these inventive alternatives provide a comfortable option whether you’re in a restaurant, pub, or at home.

By eliminating your consumption of alcohol, you receive a whole host of health benefits like losing weight, being more energized as well as being less susceptible to diseases.


With society’s increasing interest in plant-based diets, more people are incorporating mushrooms into their daily diets. Not only are they incredibly delectable due to their strong umami flavor, they also come very wide varieties and are hence versatile.

Furthermore, mushrooms are a low-calorie food that is very high in nutrients. They’ve long been acknowledged as a crucial element of any diet since they’re packed with health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Mushrooms that have been exposed to UV radiation, for example, are a strong source of Vitamin D, which is crucial for bone and immunological health.

Lastly, research has shown that when coupled together with exercise, the consumption of mushrooms aids in the weight loss process. Research that was carried out showed that the people who consumed mushrooms together with exercise and lifestyle changes displayed a lower BMI than people who did not eat mushrooms despite doing the same exercises and living similar lifestyles.

Water lily seeds

While Water Lily Seeds have been an integral part of Indian diets for centuries, only recently have they come into the global spotlight as a super food.

They can be consumed in many ways like in curry dishes, salads or even as a puffed snack similar to popcorn. Therefore, it is extremely easy to incorporate them into daily diets as both part of a meal and a snack.

Furthermore, you need not feel bad for snacking on them as the high nutritious value of popped water lily seeds distinguishes them from other snacks. They include antioxidants that combat free radicals and kaempferol, a flavonoid with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities. In addition, they are gluten-free, corn-free and high in proteins making them suitable for even the most picky eaters among us. So for those looking for an alternative snack to go with your Netflix viewing, you need not look any further than Water Lily Seeds.

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