An Alternative Way of Reading That is Better for Your Eyes

Reading is a good hobby that helps you become smarter and also well-versed with various subjects. While technology and social media platforms have helped to promote various articles, books are still loved. This is because books still provide a plethora of information on a particular and specialised subject, and that’s what people want.

That’s what led to the rise of electronic books, or e-books. While some people still love to buy physical copies of books, this proportion of people is dwindling. Physical books take up space, and for people whose living space is already small and clutter, books may not hold a high a priority. Thus, with the availability of e-books, people can continue a love affair with their books without sacrificing space.

That being, wouldn’t reading e-books on your electronic devices be harmful to your eyes? After all, the blue light radiating from the LCD screens can tire out the eyes and even contribute to later eye problems. All this is true, that’s why where the eReaders comes in.

Better for your eyes

This article is in no way, sponsored by Kindle or Amazon or any other product. In fact, it is due to my recent wonderment of borrowing e-books that led to the consideration of reading on a device that wouldn’t be bad to my eyes. While I know that you can read e-books from Kindle or the Nook, I wasn’t sure why people do it. They pay a few hundred dollars on the device when you can simply read from your phone and that wouldn’t cost you additionally.

With a bit of research, I found that these devices are actually better to read on, because it’s less (if not at all) harmful to your eyes. They use a technology call e-ink, where the words are conjured on your screen without the conventional blue light radiating from it. Furthermore, the material of the screen can prevent glares (the spot of light when light surrounding you bounce to the screen and into your eyes), and this can make your eyes less tired.

Ultimately, you don’t have to sacrifice your eyes in order to read on a device like Kindle. While there are other devices like Kindle, Kindle still garnered the majority of market share when it comes to reading electronically. These devices are portable and handy, and many do not require that much electricity, so your one-time charge can last you for days. They may be a bit tad expensive, but it might just be worth it to protect your eyes.


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